5 important thinking skills for a lecture in September

We expect our students to use higher-order thinking skills, but we often do not explain to them what that means. Demonstrating how easy it is to use critical thinking skills will help them use them throughout the year.

  1. Analysis: dividing the whole into its components
    Subject analysis requires students to break down information into sections to better understand general meaning. To illustrate the importance of understanding the parts to explain the whole, empty the spring-loaded pen and ask them what each component is for proper pen writing. Then ask them to summarize each line of the song and use it to analyze the general meaning of the song.
  2. Interpretation: explain or inform the meaning
    Showing the true meaning of a source requires a deeper explanation than this definition suggests. If a student is asked to interpret a map of the Atlantic slave trade, they can simply explain that it is a map showing the Atlantic and the four continents. But a true interpretation of the map will link the role of each continent in trade.
  3. Description: Speech aims to present a mental picture of something being experienced
    Descriptions are not usually considered high-level thinking skills, but many students lack the
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